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ELLOOOOO RANDOM PEOPLE!! :3 :iconeweplz: WASUUUUP?! : D i like to chat so random comments i dont mind at all~! =^^= :iconhiplz:



Blossom: ~muffling~ *I cant escape! Where am I though?* (looks around)


???: I think she's awake.


???: hmm, well she's your girlfriend!


???: So!


???:is it odd to any of you guys that she's wearing pink and not red?




???: Doesn't she hate pink?


Blossom: *who are they talking about?* ~muffling words~ help me somebody! *maybe if I scream it'll be more clear to people that im in trouble! since...they...uh...cant see me*  (bites the boys hand)


???: OW! SHE BIT ME! (holding his hand)


Blossom: (screams loudly)


???: (covers ears) SHUT HER UP!


???: (covering ears) BOLT! GET HER TO SHUT UP!


Bolt:  ALRIGHT ALRIGHT! (tapes her mouth)


Blossom: *dang it! I guess my plan didn't work as well as I though it would*


Bolt: Breeze!


Breeze: what?


Bolt: Take Brat to the lab. It's bad enough that she escaped into this dimension again, we can't let her be found by them.


Breeze: Ok! (grabs Brat and flies away)


Bolt: Ok, Byrum , I need you to go and take Brute back to the lab as well.


Byrum: Alright! (throws Brute onto his back and flies away)


Blossom: *were alone with...Bolt?*


Bolt: Alright, look Berserk...I know you've been trying to neglect me all this time because you thought I didn't care for you, but the truth is...I really DO care about you Berserk! And that's why...(grabs the bag off of Blossom's head)...I will ALWAY's crawl back to you and LOVE YOU- (stops in his tracks)...w-wait a minute...y-your not Berserk...your...your...


Blossom: *oh shoot! he might even try to KILL me!*


Bolt: your the one...

Blossom: *say what?!*


Bolt: Your the one I've heard so much about! Your-your the great, powerful...and beautiful Blossom...(kneels downto her)..Everyone always talks about you in our dimension, yet, no one ever see's you...I-I've actually had a crush on you ever since I heard about you and your adventures...Blossom...

Blossom: *uuhh* (heart pounding)


Bolt: ...Blossom...I finally found you...


Blossom: *wait what?!*


Bolt: ...And now...We can finally be together...and rule...rule both our demsions together!


Blossom: *WHAAAT?!* (squirms around trying to escape)


Bolt: (notices that she wants out of the bandages and tape) Oh...right, sorry I forgot you were trapped! Haha, (unties everything and takes off tape)  now we can be toge-


Blossom: (flies away as fast as she can into the sky) already in a relationship...and...If you truly loved wouldn't run away from them...even if *flash backs* it costs........your life.......(flies away)


Bolt: ...(surprised look)...(looks down)...I understand...I understand's not good enough...(laughs), that's not it all, THAT'S NOT IT ALL! (laughs) ...There's something else that's causing her to be that way...and IM going to find out...



Blossom: (flying around looking for everybody else) where are they?...(flies back down) huh...(walks around) ... everything looks...different than usual...(sees Ms.keane) (gasp) HI MS.KEANE! HII!


Ms.Keane: (turns around)


Blossom: Ms.Keane?


Ms.keane: (man voice) What? Ms.Keane? Im Mr.keane


Blossom: (looks up and down) Mr.....Mr.Keane? *she-I mean he's all male*


Mr.keane: (turns back around and walks away)


Blossom: (see's the professor) *the professor! surely he can figure out what's going on!* PROFESSOR! PROFESSOR!


Professor: (turns around) what?


Blossom:  Pro-professor?


Professor: Whoever you are, please stop bothering me! (turns back around)


Blossom: Wh-where am I?!


???: welcome Blossom!


Blossom: (turns around) what?!


???: my name is Jomo Momo! And you must be Blossom!


Blossom: (slowly nods yes) almost look like...Mo-


Jomo: Mojo Jojo, right? Yes, I have been to you're dimension before Blossom.


Blossom: Wait-wait-wait! dimension?! Are you saying that Im-


Jomo: In another dimension? Yes, in fact you are! This dimension is where the Powerpunks are! As you should already know! Here, THEY are the villains! And in you're dimension, you guys are the HEROES. You see your dimension is just the opposite of our dimension, and our dimension is the opposite of yours and blah blah blah, you understand! That is why instead of your teacher being Ms. Keane, she is now Mr. Keane a male, not a female! Do you understand?


Blossom: Uh...I guess? Then why was the professor male in both dimensions then?


Jomo: bout we just go to my lab? (gestures Blossom to follow him)


Blossom: (starts walking with him, then stops) wait! (points at Jomo) ARENT YOU EVIL THEN?!


Jomo: WHAT? oh no, no, no! See, here the evil professor created the Powerpunk Girls, and I, The good Jomo momo, Created the good Rowdyrunk Boys! However, ever since the Powerpunk Girls and Rowdyrunk Boys have been going out, The Rowdyrunk Boys have fallen under they're hands and became evil!


Blossom: Well, ok, (starts walking with him again) You know, that sounds a lot like us Powerpuff Girls and the Rowdyruff boys!


Jomo: Oh?


Blossom: You see, ever since we started dating them, they started to become good! And now, guess what?! They are completely GOOD! Instead of them having a black aura, they have a white one instead!


Jomo: Interesting...But that means that if my boys keep going out with the Powerpunks, then-


Blossom: That's right! They'll become completely evil! That's probably why Mojo was mad when the Rowdyruff boys became completely good, just because they were going out with us, and we must of rubbed off on them or something!


Jomo: True, very true! We must investigate into this more later! But first, we must figure out a way to get you back home! Well, here we are! (in front of a huge gate)


Blossom: Wow! This gate is huge!


Jomo: Anything to keep people out! (inputs the password) Here we go! (gate opens and walks in)




Jomo: Really? This is just a plain building. (opens door) Come right in~


Blossom: Plain building?! What do special or any other buildings look like? (walks in)


Jomo: More than you can imagine, really. (walks in and closes door behind him) Take a seat! I'll go get some green tea~ (walks away down the hall)


Blossom: (sits on couch) ooh~ so comfy~ (chair moves her back and elevates her feet) WOAH!...ahhh~


???: comfy?


blossom: WHA! YOU-YOU ARE~



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HEYO!!~ I love Anime, Manga, K-Pop, J-Pop, and I am obsessed with anything Japanese! :iconjapaneseplz: Whether you hate meh or not I.AM.AWESOOME X3 I love anything strawberry flavored and sweet! :iconstrawberriesplz: I'm not quite ''feminine'' according to others 0-0 and I love playing video games! XP Plus, I obviously love bunnies~ NOW GO AWAY BAKA! XD <3:iconsqueeeplz: :iconsmile-luplz:

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